Easiest Peanut Butter Keto Cookies

Here comes another ‘Just 2 ingredients’ recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth. These easy Keto Peanut Butter cookies are extremely easy to bake and are super tasty.



Yields: 16-18 cookies

Peanut Butter – 250 g
Egg – 1
 or Swerve Sweetener – 1/3 Cup

1. Mix everything together till it resembles a smooth dough.
2. Refrigerate the dough for half an hour.
3. Divide into 18 balls.
4. Press down each ball with the back of a fork.
5. Bake at 170° C for 15 mins.
dsc_2366-26. Let them cool for 5 mins.
7. Flip using a spatula and bake at 160° C for 10 mins.
8. Let them cool down completely before removing from the baking tray otherwise they will crumble.
9. Enjoy!!!

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