The way I did it

I was introduced to Keto by one of my good friends. I had been working out for almost 5 months and had not moved an inch on the weighing scale. I am not a diet person but this diet somehow fascinated me as a lot of ghee and butter were involved and I am ghee/butter/malayi (milk cream) lover. But like everybody else, I was afraid of the dietary FAT.

Then, I happened to watch the TEDx video of Dr. Sarah Hallberg (shared on my References page) and I thought of giving it a try for 15 days. It has been a year now and not even a single day I have felt that I should go back to my old way of eating.

I have listed below the steps of how I made this dietary transition.

  1. Gave-up sugar.
  2. Gave-up on all the fake foods like biscuits etc. (i.e. all the processed food).
  3. Replaced refined oil with Ghee/Butter as a cooking medium.
  4. Increased my vegetable intake to almost double.
  5. Removed all the grains from my diet (no rice, no chapatti- the indian flatbread).
  6. Made eggs and paneer (cottage cheese) a regular part of my diet.
  7. Cut down on the pulses and legumes (they are high in carbs).
  8. Cut down on the fruits (they are high in fructose, another deadly form of sugar).
  9. Increased my fat intake at every step (I ensure that my every meal has some good fat in it, even the coffee/tea is made with butter or coconut oil).
  10. Increased my water intake at every step till I reached to having minimum of 5 ltrs a day.

If you want to do it my way, I suggest, you fix a schedule (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) and start incorporating the steps one by one till you have achieved doing all the steps and then continue with this way of life (trust me, you will never want to go back to your old eating habits).

You can also incorporate all the steps in one go but then the chances of failure are higher as your body is used to having all the sugar (and everything that gets processed as sugar in the body) for so many years and now you are cutting down on it all of a sudden. But then, there are people who have done it this way and have totally succeeded.

Some people get flu like symptoms during this transition (also known as Keto flu) but that can be managed by having lime water (our good old nimbu paani) daily or twice a day. Please ensure that you add the pink himlayan salt (kaala namak) to it as it is rich in minerals.

When you cut down on all this stuff, people start thinking that you have stopped eating everything available on this earth. So, my next post will be on ‘What I eat’ although you can always go to my recipes section and my Youtube channel to have a glimpse at all the good stuff that I actually eat.


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