Keto Protein Muffins!!!

These Keto/Low Carb Protein muffins are bite sized mini muffins. They are super delicious and are perfect for travels.


Makes: 10 mini muffins or 5 regular sized muffins

Almond Flour – ¼ Cup
Whey Protein Powder (I used ON French Vanilla) – ¼ Cup
Coconut Flour – 1 Tbsp
Cream Cheese (at room temperature) – 2 Tbsp
Cream – 2 Tbsp
Egg – 1
Baking powder – ½ Tsp
Powdered Stevia – 1 Tsp

1. Using a handheld blender, blend everything together.
2. Pour into 10 mini or 5 regular sized muffin molds.
3. Bake at 150 degree Celsius for 9-10 minutes.
4. Let them cool down completely for 15-20 minutes.
5. Serve and enjoy.

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